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A little bit of Aux Raux fun

I totally forgot to post these vids, probably because I just wanted to forget my birthday....So anyway to tell you about how we end up at this gig, it started with my bday. It arrived and I was soooo not in the mood to celebrate it, but eventually I did. First we had drinks at this charity event for AIDS and then we decided to go to Paradiso to celebrate my bday. So Paradiso is this big venue with different  floors and rooms and in one of these rooms we bumped into Aux Raux. These 2 gents were playing so loud and the people were bouncing around on these Hardcore meets Rock tunes, that I hounestly have to say: we LIKED it!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! :)
It was crazy, but fun!!!!!! So I had a blast! :) LOL!!!!


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