up and running in production..

I just got home, glanced at the clock and realized it is almost 4pm in the afternoon. Since it's so late (err... early depending on how you look at it) I'll keep this short. I never really noticed until LL text message me to hook up at her place and photograph our friend for MonsterCreator MGMT Model Casting Agency , so i got up got dressed and went to her place.. it's actually really strange how we just came together.
I guess you never can predict who in this lifetime will make an impact on you. Tonight was fun, crazy (embarrasing as always) and forever memorable (hahaha.... once again.... good or bad, depending on how you look at it..)
For now a few pictures of our new model Noël .. He's adorable..

Photo by; LL
Model: Noël

Models up and running in production with more to come so keep an eye on what we casting...


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CNN said...

he's beautiful.

carista naömi