The Key to your Closet..

Look what i have discoverd today, i was surfing around and came by this brand named: Key Closet.. i just stopped and liked what i saw.. just once again something i wanted to share with you guys..

Do you like your denim being blinged-out? well now u can join brand wearers Jamie Foxx & Terrell Owens, in the Swarovski crystal, diamond-studded, hand-threaded, hand-drawn, white gold-buttoned madness that is Key Closet

Key Closet's Exspensive pair of denim comes embedded with over 1000 Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals, in addition to hand-drawn patterns and one carat diamonds on each back pocket.

What we love about this brand is, each pair they sell goes to a social responsibility and will donate 30% of the proceeds from each pair to a charity which will help build primary schools for children in Kampala, Uganda.

American Footballer Terrel Owens wearing;
Key Closet Crystal Studded Eagle Printed Tee.

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.

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