Forget and go on with your life.

Dear The New Sh*t Blog Viewers.. Just something i wanted to share with you guys,
Dont u love Madea.. Shes always right..

It’s all right sit around and be depressed for a minute, cry about it do whatever you have to do.
But don’t stay there to long..!

Get up and go on with your life!

This is what I learned

If somebody want to walk out of your life. LET THEM GO!

Especially if you know you have done everything you can do.
You have sat around been the best man or woman you can be and they still want to go?

Whatever they running after they will see what they had in a minute.
But by then it would be too late!

Cause half these people you have been sitting around crying about and worry about, 2, 3 years from now you ain’t gonna even remember there last name.

How many times you have seen folks somewhere, you will be like what the hell was I thinking! What was wrong with me what was I been going through! Must have been lonely as hell that I had to hook up with you.

Let folks go!

Some people come into your life for a lifetime; some come for a season you got to know which is which. And your gonna always mess up if you mix season people up with lifetime expectations.

You have to learn to be yourself; people have to learn to be alone. I don’t understand people who say stuff like; lord where’s my man lord where’s my woman that is crazy as hell. If you don’t know how to learn to be by yourself, what you gonna do with somebody else. STOP PRAYING ABOUT IT!
Shut up and wait! Go work on you that’s what that time is for, to get your self together.

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.

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